Why Raw Foods Are Good For You

I will update this page with more information when I have more time, but to get straight to the point- cooking food destroys valuable nutrients and enzymes!  Many of the enzymes that are destroyed help you digest the food.  The more fully a food can be digested, the more vitamins and minerals can be absorbed into your body.  Raw fruits and vegetables also contain a lot of water, which makes it easier for you to remain hydrated.  In fact, days when I eat mostly raw I do not get thirsty, yet still have to make frequent trips to the bathroom!

Do yourself a favor and incorporate a lot more raw fruits and vegetables into your diet.  You will have increased energy, better focus and improved health.  There are numerous recipes for Raw food, from teriyaki broccoli to chocolate cake!  Eating Raw does not have to be boring or bland.  In fact, I am constantly blown away by the intense flavors in Raw food recipes and think they are by far tastier than cooked dishes.