I have a lot of information I want to put on this page and it is a work in progress.  Here is what I have so far:

If you have a newly diagnosed child the first thing I want to say is autism is treatable and, in some cases, reversible!  DO NOT let a medical professional tell you otherwise!   There are multiple treatment options you can pursue for your child.  This is both exciting and overwhelming; however, the most important thing you can do for you child is to follow your gut when deciding which options to pursue.  No one knows your child as well as you.  Believe in yourself.  

Our Story

My oldest son was diagnosed with autism shortly after turning 2.  This was a horrific blow to our family.  In an instant all of the dreams we had for our son disappeared and we faced a terrifying, unknown future.  It felt like someone ripped my little boy from my arms.  

From the moment he was diagnosed I wanted to find the best treatment(s) for him.  I wanted him to recover from autism as much as possible.  It took some time, but eventually I discovered biomedicine.  Although ABA therapy had helped him, I saw him make the most progress with biomedicine.  Within just three months he went from 1-2 word phrases and being unable to respond to his name to 4-5 word sentences and following multiple-step-verbal instructions.  He now makes great eye contact and plays with his brother.  He still has autism, but he is starting to emerge from his shell.

Before biomedicine he was making gains with ABA.  These gains, however, were just with skill acquisition.  He was learning to do things, but I still felt like my little boy was so distant.  He could not stand for someone to interfere with a toy he was playing with, he did not respond to his name, he was very easily irritated and could not take turns.  Now after three months of biomedicine he is responding to his name, he can take turns, he plays games with me, and he plays with his brother.  The changes are huge!